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Partner With Pixies?

Have a brand? We will put your logo and/or make custom Pixies elements that you will approve before release into the public app. Once these assets are put into the Pixies app, users will add them onto their photos they share with friends and family around the world. Contact us now -



Make money with your work! We are adding Pixies assets from designers and artists all over the world who want to submit and sell their work as packs of Pixies. We are hand-picking all Pixies and will share revenue with each artist as your packs get sold around the world through our app. Interested?


What is Pixies?

Pixies lets you customize any photo fun illustrations and text, then share it via Facebook, Twitter or email. You can also put your design onto a t-shirt, mousepad, coffee mug or just about anything else via

How much does Pixies cost?

Pixies is a FREE download for iPhone or iPod Touch. The app comes with at least 10 Pixies per category- the birthday category is completely FREE. 4 Pixies will always be FREE in each category and additional Pixies can be purchased by category. Each category costs $0.99. We are currently running a special offer that allows you to unlock all 30 Pixies categories for only $24.99.

On what devices can I use Pixies?

Pixies is currently available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

If I purchase Pixies and then a new version comes out, can I restore my old purchases?

Yes you can! To do this, simply tap on the "gear" icon on the bottom right of the home screen. Then tap "restore my purchases" and you're all done.

How do I save Pixies to my device?

Tap on the "share" icon and choose "save to camera roll."

How do I use images already stored in my device to make a new Pixies creation?

From the home screen, simply tap on "Camera Roll" then choose any photo you like. If you prefer to take a new photo, just select "Take Photo" and you're all set.

Can I share my Pixies creation on Facebook & Twitter?

Yes you can! Once you're finished creating your Pixies tap on the "share" icon. Then, at the top you will see icons that allow you to share via Facebook, Twitter or email.

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